Through our partnership with Solicient Inc., ASP is now able to offer a host of technology services, which allows ASP to provide a broad range of staffing solutions to manage the needs of the most complex technical requirements.



We believe aesthetics mixed with functionality is key. Having an intuitive interface is pertinent to the adoption and efficiency of a program. It is with this mindset that we treat design as an artform and walk hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure we create the best user experience possible.

Software & Portal Development

Utilizing the latest in software development practices and technology, ASP/Solicient can design and develop desktop, server, web, and cloud-based applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Samples: HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C#, C, C++, PHP, Objective-C


The best design and software can only go so far without data. Information Technology is the art of data management; and as such, we emphasize on providing state-of-the-art designs and systems for data structure.

Samples: Oracle, SQL, NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Mobile Applications

Solicient makes it a focus to develop for the mobile workforce and user, whether a standalone application or an extension of an existing program. Tablet, or phone, iOS, or Android device, ASP/Solicient can build to specification.

Samples: Go, SWIFT

Systems Design

Software is only as good as the hardware it runs on. It is due to this that we strive to create not only the most cutting edge systems but also platforms to support even the most rigorous of environments. ASP/Solicient can develop everything from liquid-cooled machines to quantum mechanics infused security systems.

Research & Development

Utilizing our creative foundation, combined with access to the latest technology, we will not only help you brainstorm but also create the solution; which will give your company a competitive edge.

Cutting Edge Technology

Solicient is based on five principles: reliability, intuitive aesthetics, efficiency, creativity, and innovation. We continue to create our own innovative technologies and solutions utilizing the latest industry innovations such as:


arguably one of the greatest innovations of the past decade in Information Technology, it provides the ability to more securely share and collaborate data, creating the advent of Smart Legal, advances in FinTech, data distribution, and much more.  Adopting this technology, ASP/Solicient can create public, private and hybrid applications harnessing its true power and are in the process of designing our own BlockChain.


Artificial Intelligence, or in its more practical form, machine learning, is the use of technology to remove the human element.  Although we believe the human piece is pertinent, creating machine learning enhancements do increase efficiency. Whether it’s using A.I. to complete routine forms, or creating an eAssistant, we pride ourselves for staying on top of the technology wave.

Neural Networks

These new types of sensory data machine perception networks aim to loosely model the human brain, creating such possibilities as logical routing and security. When combined with A.I., you’ve got learning devices on a logical network, which can spawn a new breed of creative solutions.


FAA 107 Certified, ASP/Solicient can provide numerous advanced Geographic Information System services, including, but not limited to aerial mapping, tracking, pipeline integrity, and structural design assistance.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the next level in the stride to reduce the spread between virtual and reality.  Where Virtual Reality forces someone to be stationary, Augmented Reality allows our daily lives to seamlessly integrate.


The Internet is comprised of an amalgamation of computer devices interconnected throughout the world. The keyword is “interconnected”, without that, there is no Internet. The faster the connection, the quicker the data; the more redundant, the more reliable that data is.

Fiber Optic (Design, Construction, & Management)

Connecting groups of smaller private networks are the task of the WAN (Wide Area Network), and in today’s technology, that means fiber optics. ASP/Solicient can design, construct, and manage the installation of both local and large-scale outdoor fiber networks.

Interior Cabling

New construction or existing structure, utilizing the latest technology in cabling will not only dictate your network’s performance but can also add value to your facility. Whether a single-story Cat 8, fiber channel high-rise, or hybrid development, creating the proper internal network is the foundation for success.

Wireless WAN & LAN

Wireless is the answer for developing nations, crowded urban areas, and those difficult areas to reach. Although wireless cannot match the speeds of cables, its lower cost of implementation and ease of use have made it a go-to solution for many. ASP/Solicient can create a wide range of wireless outdoor networks and internal private networks to match most connectivity needs.

Advanced Networks

Cabling, systems, and software are all managed by networks, which can range from a small room to a global ecosystem. ASP/Solicient can integrate servers, workstations, network security, and IoT to create the most advanced networks to fit our customers’ needs. As we prefer to push the boundaries of technology, so can our clients with their businesses.

Data Center

Outsourcing is a way to provide a tier 1 facility to support your data requirements. Countless times we’ve seen companies attempt to build internal communication rooms without the proper investment, only to lose their expensive equipment and mission-critical data to power surges, theft, destruction, and natural disaster and in less extreme cases not have the proper Internet connection(s) to support their business. ASP/Solicient, in conjunction with our partners in Oklahoma, can provide a state-of-the-art command center monitored facility, next to one of the largest Internet pipelines in the country.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud was and still is a popular terminology used within technology today, however, what most people don’t realize is that Clouds have been around for quite some time. Increased Internet speeds and reduced costs spurred a rebranding of the technology, making it what it is today. None-the-less, Cloud is here to stay; and as internet speeds further increase, so does the ability to use the technology to reduce implementation and maintenance costs, installation times and responsibility.

VoIP (Voice Over IP)

An internal system can take upwards of 60 to 90 days to install, whereas a Cloud VoIP can sometimes be established within a week. This includes the latest Polycom, Yealink, and Cisco desktop, wireless, and conference devices, including such services as caller id, hunt groups, voicemail, digital PBX, dedicated conference lines, mobile integration and more.


Securing your data is vital. Your files need to remain secure, redundant, and quick to access. Proper in-house storage can not only be cost-prohibitive for many but also risky if it’s not properly maintained. Using Cloud storage as a primary, hybrid, or a backup solution can provide countless strategic advantages, as well as satisfying HIPAA compliancy through ASP/Solicient’s service offerings.


Servers can be expensive pieces of equipment, and as your requirements grow, so do the associated costs. ASP/Solicient gives you the ability to have shared, or dedicated servers, running either Windows or Linux, with the ability to add virtual machines. The excellent thing about cloud servers is that you can provision them however you want and are scalable to the demands of your organization.


Email remains the main form of business communication pertinent to our economic society and as a result, needs to be reliable and secure. Unfortunately, email servers are primary targets for hackers and are quite expensive to install, maintain, and update, which is why Cloud email services can be the best solution for many organizations. In addition to ASP/Solicient’s business email services being secure, our Exchange solution offers a full encryption option.


Software can be costly, especially when considering updates,  turnover, and system requirements. Utilizing software via the Cloud, you’ll never have to worry about purchasing an entirely new suite simply to stay compatible. Cloud Software allows you to pay month-to-month and reduce hardware requirements, while all software renditions are included in partial and complete update installations. When an employee leaves or the software is no longer needed, simply cancel.


Networks have been around before the Internet, however, a new trend is to use Cloud networks in tandem with physical networks as a way to increase redundancy, or use them as lateral solutions to securely provide for their mobile activities. These are both recommended forms of utilization for those who require the utmost performance, security, and reliability; however, as a new utilization developed by ASP/Solicient, Complete Independent Cloud Networks (CICN) are geared for time-sensitive operations, where cost is a primary factor.

Wholesale & Distribution

Through obtaining certifications over the years, ASP/Solicient has been able to not only acquire licensing to countless manufacturers at the wholesale, distributor, and resell levels, but also team with the largest distributor in the world, Ingram Micro, alongside numerous boutique vendors to legally bring our clients the greatest brands of today at the best competitive prices.


Hardware acquisition can be a daunting task when trying to find the right product at the best price from an official seller, who can offer the support and warranty your company needs. ASP/Solicient can not only provide you with those products but also help you find the best product to fit your application.


Software licensing and management can be challenging: which licenses are expiring when and how many of those are at the end of their lifecycle. In utilizing ASP/Solicient’s software wholesale and licensing, not only can you purchase entire suites at a discounted price or choose to opt for an annual license, but also rely on our notifications for renewal and expirations.

Staffing & Management

Having the best network, hardware, software, and systems will only take you so far without the right personnel to carry out objectives efficiently and effectively. All management is not created equal, just ask Apple, when they hired John Scully. Having the right tool for the job is critical, and at ASP/Solicient, we pride ourselves in having the best tool chest.

Project Management

in today’s dynamic environment, Agile methodologies lead the process in developing technology solutions that can quickly adapt to the needs of the demanding consumer landscape. With over 15 years of successful delivery outcomes, ASP/Solicient’s Project Management services stand firm on its ability to deliver against your development needs.

Sample: PMP, Agile, Scrum, Six Sigma

Technology Staffing

Finding the right person for the job is easier said than done. Teaming up with America’s Staffing Partner, Solicient has now merged technology with staffing to create a sole source solution to bring the talent, management, tracking and oversight necessary to run a successful and lasting operation.